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Capitol Reef National Park

Want to visit one of the most beautiful areas of red rock in southern Utah? The Capitol Reef National Park is known for its beautiful scenery and amazing hikes.  

Activities in the park

Amidst the beautiful red rock and scenery there are tons of things to do in the Capitol Reef National Park. Want to learn more about the park? They have tours and experts at the visitors center. 

They have vehicle tours, bicycle tours and horseback riding perfect for taking in all the beautiful surroundings.

They also have tons of trails and hikes to take pictures on and enjoy. For people looking for an adventure they have canyoneering, rock climbing and bouldering in the canyons.

Looking for more peaceful activities? Animal watching and stargazing are fun activities. 
Here at the Capitol Reef National Park there are fun activities for all to participate in. 
Image may be subject to copyright
Capitol Reef National Park
Image may be subject to copyright
National Park


The Capitol Reef National Park has beautiful sandstone and red rock cliffs and surroundings to get lost and take it all in. Come get lost in nature here at the Capitol Reef National Park. The park is family and pet friendly for all. 

The park is famous for hikers and adventures because of its amazing scenery. The park has both day hikes for fun short little trials, and backpacking hikes for log adventurers. 

The park also has ranger programs perfect for the while family. They have regular programs where rangers discuss the geology and culture of the area.

They also have special programs to learn even more. They have guided hikes with the rangers and nigh-time hikes and stargazing with guides. 

Come travel to this beautiful area. Here there are tons of fun things to do, from hikes and trails to rock climbing and bouldering. Enjoy guided hikes and learn more about the beautiful area. Come enjoy nature at the Capitol Reef National Park.